What happened to China? *LIFE UPDATE*

Hey guys, We have been away a while! We wanted to properly update you on what’s been going on and address the elephant in the room… ‘What happened to China?’ Ad most of you know, we were supposed to move across the world (again) last August! Ah, August 2021. The month that was supposed toContinue reading “What happened to China? *LIFE UPDATE*”

How to Choose a Job Teaching English in China

So you’ve decided to move to China to teach English? Congratulations! The initial decision is always the hardest bit! We are not kidding when we say we literally looked through hundreds of avenues for teaching positions in China. There are SO many decisions to make, you might currently be asking yourself some of the followingContinue reading “How to Choose a Job Teaching English in China”

Why we Decided to Move Abroad…Again!

As you may know, we moved abroad in August 2020 to live in Dubai. Lloyd was going to work as a Primary School Music Teacher and I was starting my PhD in German Studies via distance learning with Birmingham University. Well, that lasted all of five weeks before we jumped on the next flight homeContinue reading “Why we Decided to Move Abroad…Again!”

Coity Wallia Common: How to get There

Getting sick of the same old lockdown hikes? Us too. We recently discovered an amazing trail which can be accessed from Pencoed, Bridgend. It provides stunning views in a spot which appears, for the most part, undiscovered. We have lived right beside this beautiful route for the past year and had absolutely no idea itContinue reading “Coity Wallia Common: How to get There”

UK Staycation: 7 Money-Saving Hacks for Couples

With Lockdown 3.0 slowly creeping its way into the UK summer-time and foreign travel still appearing as a massive question mark to those in charge, a staycation might be on the cards for many couples this year. Lockdown certainly changed our travel plans! We had trips to Paris, Berlin, Oslo, Sicily, Rome, Naples and NorthContinue reading “UK Staycation: 7 Money-Saving Hacks for Couples”

Swimming in Lake Lucerne: A Cautionary Tale

So… ‘what the hell happened on that boat trip?’ You might be asking after reading this…Well, have you ever thrown yourself into a situation without thinking about it too much? Well, this is how Lloyd likes to live. He just loves to throw himself in head first and think about things later. As much asContinue reading “Swimming in Lake Lucerne: A Cautionary Tale”

A Day in Lucerne: Top 5 Tips

On a last minute whim (honestly, just because we happened to wake up at 6am in Basel and had no solid plans), we decided to take a day-trip to Lucerne. It was the best last minute decision we’ve ever made and hands-down, Lake Lucerne is one of the most beautiful relaxation spots in Europe! LucerneContinue reading “A Day in Lucerne: Top 5 Tips”

8 Things to do in North Wales (Lockdown Edition)

Obviously with non-essential shops and restaurants still closed, and events and activities still unable to take place, we had to get creative to fill our 3 night stay in North Wales. However, this was much easier than we anticipated due to the breathtaking surroundings of the Snowdonia National Park and the (admittedly unusual) beautiful springContinue reading “8 Things to do in North Wales (Lockdown Edition)”